About Dr. Curt Fischer

I did not get introduced to chiropractic care the way that most people do, such as getting into a car accident or hurting my back.  I actually hurt my elbow while working out at the gym one day and was told of a chiropractor in the area who could help me.  I was very skeptical as I thought that chiropractic was only for treating someone’s back; however, after only a few treatments my elbow was 100% and I was able to resume my regular training program.

It was then that I learned my friend’s cousin was a chiropractor, and after speaking to him, I knew that the chiropractic profession was for me.  I immediately stopped my pursuit of a software engineering degree and began my journey to becoming a Doctor of Chiropractic.

I went to school at Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa and graduated in October of 2000.  I practiced briefly in Naperville, Illinois before opening up my own office in a gym back near the school I attended.  After two years I felt it was time to branch out, so I then moved to Phoenix, Arizona in 2003.

I took time to practice in a clinic that was solely for auto accident care.  This gave me a unique perspective on how I must approach each individual patient differently.  Ultimately I met a few key people I am happy to call my mentors and good friends.  One of which is Dr. Brian Glaus’ brother, Jeff.  I gained an even greater love for my profession practicing in their clinic in Tempe, Arizona.

While at that clinic, I had such a diverse patient base: treating everyone from young children, to the college student, to professional athletes in football, baseball, and volleyball, to elderly patients.  All are special to me.

One of the memories that stand out for me is a patient who went to the Mayo clinic because of her migraine headaches and the blurry vision in her left eye.  Her doctor was very opposed to chiropractic care, but she decided to give it a try since her husband was also a patient.  I will never forget the tearful phone call I received from her telling me she went a whole week without a migraine as well as having improved vision.  She is still a patient of mine to this day.

I am a lifetime drug free professional bodybuilder. I turned professional in 2005 and have been bodybuilding for the last 20+ years. In 2012, I took up CrossFit training. In 2014, I competed in the CrossFit Open competition and finished in the top 15% in the world for my age group. I will be competing in the 2014 PowerFit Games in Illinois in the Masters class. I do not think I would be able to do the things I have done without my own regular chiropractic treatments.

I am committed to providing chiropractic care of the highest quality to those who wish to receive it.  I recognize that each person has the innate healing capability, regardless of their condition or symptoms they present with, to achieve optimum wellness.  My intent is to change the perception of chiropractic as a pain relief/crisis care healthcare option to the one that is to be incorporated into a life-long commitment.  To find out more, contact me at Palatine Wellness Group.